Monday, October 26, 2009

Green(e) Babies Rule!!!!

Today I was uploading all my old pictures and I have found a couple pics of the kids wearing the same outfits, it is cute to see how much alike they really look like. Here is the first one, Leah in the "Green(e) Babies Rule!!, Wicked onsie

And here is Landon....Gotta compare those chubby cheeks!!

You can see Landon's 2 teeth in this picture

And here they are in they chargers sweatshirt.....Which one is first????

Just though it was fun to compare

Prison Break 10k

On Sat before we went to the Boo at the Zoo, my friend Jill and I ran a 10k. We had both intended on running the half marathon, but neither of us trained like we should of, so last minute we both switched to the 10k, boy am I glad. I have to admit that I was very tempted to turn at the 5k point, but I didn't and I completed the 10k in record time, for me. I finished in 57:30, I was hoping for under 1hr so I was happy. It was pretty chilly before we ran, but once we got going it was nice, I am glad I did it, it has gotten me motivated to run again....which is good because I am gonna need it when winter gets here. Here is a picture before we ran, Steve wasn't even out of bed yet when he took this picture for me, and I was leaving to go run, some would say crazy
And here is a picture of Me and my BabyGirl after I ran, it was nice to see them waiting for me just before the finish line, made the final push a little easier.

Boo at the Zoo

So this past saturday Steve, Me, Leah, Landon, Aunt Charity, Uncle Eric, Alyssa, and Andrew all ventured down to the Zoo to celebrate "Boo at the Zoo". Kind of funny, although we have only lived here for a little over a year, this is our 3rd year in a row that we have gone to "Boo at the Zoo", guess we are gonna have to make it a tradition, as long as the kids want to go. It is fun for the kids, there are people dressed up as various character like Tigger, a penguin, and a fake Winnie the Pooh and they give the kids candy....I know just what Leah needs, cause I am sure she won't get enough next weekend, right:) Here are some pictures of our fun:

Our Little Incredible Hulk (no extra padding needed)

Leah in the costume contest with Alyssa. If you ask her, she will tell you she won!

Leah watching the Lions.....and the lions watching Leah :)

Here are a couple of pictures from the previous years that we attended

Here is Leah and Mommy in OCT 07, our first visit to Boo at the Zoo when we came to "Visit" Chris and Theresa and the girls
Our picture on the bridge in OCT 08, we are gonna have to take this picture every year now to see how the times change
Last year Mema was up here visiting us for the first time after we moved up to Boise

Leah loves the Giraffe Slide

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall is upon us, please enjoy the Beautiful Colors...

Part of the joys of living in Idaho is that we actually get to enjoy the four seasons, right now we are enjoying season of Autumn. The colors are amazing and the weather is even better. Leah is really cute, she is learning about Fall in school right now, so she is excited about all the colors and the leaves falling off the trees. We took a walk the other day to collect some leaves, she was so cute picking up all the leaves, she thinks they all so pretty, even the ones that are a little nasty.
Here are a couple pics of some of the trees in our yard...

Our Little Pumpkins.....

Steve and I found these cute little pumpkins at our door tonight, I think we will keep them....Do you think they will last????

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Next milestone.....He is sitting up

Yesterday, I thought I would try and see if Landon could sit up by himself, and guess what he did it. He still topples over sometimes, you know that Greene melon does weigh him down sometimes, but for the most part he is doing pretty good. I didn't think he would be able to do it, because just last week when Mema and Poppie were here he couldn't sit by himself, but I guess that is how it work, one day they wake up and just know how to do something new.

Next week I think I will be posting that he is crawling, he is starting to push up on his knees...better get the house child-proofed because he is an inquisitive little man.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Landon's second Tooth

Today when I got Landon, I found that his second tooth had finally popped through the skin. I have been watching it since probably about Sunday, thinking everyday "it will defiantly be there tomorrow" and finally it came through. Hopefully he will be a happy boy for a while now. I think he likes the way they feel on his tongue, because he is sticking his tongue out more than usual since his teeth are in, it is cute.

I tried to take a picture of his teeth, but this is all i could get...

Leah's first field trip with Preschool

Today Leah, Landon, and I made a trip down to Linder Farms Pumpkin Patch to meet up with the rest of her class and enjoy some fun activities. First we went to the hay bail maze.

Next we went over and learned how to pick our very own pumpkin....they taught the kids not to pick them up by the stems, but to scoop them up with both demonstrated here

Then we went out into the field and Leah picked her very own pumpkin, I didn't help her at all, she had fun doing this.

"No, not this pupmkin, it's not big enough"

"Maybe this one"

"this thing is heavy, but I can carry it all by myself"

Next we went over to the tractor and went on a hayride, Leah was really looking forward to this part.

After the hayride we went over to pet the ponies, they were kind of scared of us, but Leah did get to pet one of them for a little bit

Next we went over to the education center to learn the life cycle of a pupmkin.

This is Leah's teacher Mrs. Lawson

Last we went over tothe picinic tables and had some popcorn and juice...all that picking pumpkins and running around sure can work up an appetite

Finally the kids took a group picture before we left. This is all the 4 year olds and the 3 year olds mixed together.

In this picture the kids are singing their good-bye song "Polly-Wolly Doodle"

It was alot of fun at the pumpkin patch, I am sure it is the first of many field trips I will get to go on with Leah.