Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Landon's First Tooth

So Monday morning when I got Landon out of bed, I noticed that his first little tooth had come in. It is his bottom right tooth that has poked through, and I sure that is tooth on the left side is not far behind. He did pretty good and wasn't too fussy, but the cold that he was getting over didn't help.
I am sort of worried about what might happen when he is eating, because he tends to get easily distracted and pull his head away real quick....this could be bad :(

I would put a picture of it up, but when ever I try and open his mouth, he sticks his tongue out at me.

This summer....

Leah and Landon in the tent, keeping warm

Mommy, Daddy, and Landon onthe Boat

So here is a brief overview of what we did this summer, or at least what i can remember:
We took the kids camping for the first time, I mean real camping in a tent. It was tons of fun and both of them did awesome, not suprising...Landon loves to be outside so he was happy and Leah is an active little girl and loves to sleep in her sleeping bag so she loved it too.
We also got to take our boat out to the lake, alot too. It has been awesome having the lake only 30min away and it staying light until like 10pm. We would go out to the lake when Steve got off work and spend the evening out there, it was tons of fun. Landon liked the boat, as long as we were going fast....he would fall asleep. And of course Leah loved the lake and boat, but she is an old Pro. She liked to drive the boat, and she actually did pretty good steering, she would make the cutest face, like it was so hard to do.
We also spent lots of the time at all the awesome parks in the area and at the Zoo, which is about 15min from the house. We went for jogs and bike rides along the greenbelt, which in in the middle of downtown and right along the river. We also floated the river once, it was fun, but I think next time I would like to do it with only 1 of the kids in my boat, it was kind of hard to move around and row.
Well that is all the exciting stuff I can think of, i am sure I am forgetting some stuff, but for a recap, it will do.

The First of Many ......

So I decided that I should start a blog since everyone (except for the Arthur's, of Course) lives in Cali, that way the Fam can keep up on the kiddos and what we are up to up here. We will see if i can keep it up like I should, but I will defiantly try. I am sure mine won't be as exciting as some that I read, but I guess we just aren't that exciting, but we have fun!!