Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sissy's 4th Birthday Party

I know I have been MIA here on my blog for a little while, I always have good intentions of posting updates, but I always want to wait until I have time to upload pics and then by the time the kids go to bed I am too tired or I forget. So I am back, hopefully I can keep up with it this time.

Today our Little Girl turned 4 years old, I can't believe it has been that long already. We had an amazing Tea Party with some of her friends. First when they arrived they got to decorate their own tea party hats, as well as make their own paper fans and get their nails painted.
Here is Sissy all ready to go enjoy some tea.

Some of our Stroller Strides Friends all ready for some tea.

After they were all "dolled up" they went out to the patio to have their Tea. It was so cute to see them all drinking from their little Tea Cups, some of them even putting up their little pinkies, all "lady like." They enjoyed some tea sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit, rice crispy cupcakes, cookies, cheese and crackers, popcorn, and olives. They must have been hungry because they devoured the food, their wasn't too much left.
This was the Tea table set up.

some of the yummy food they enjoyed

Maryn showing us her perfect manors

Sissy was really enjoying her tea and didn't want to move on to the next activity.

All her friends were playing, but she was still enjoying her tea and olives.

Sissy was finally able to go and play with the other kids.

When they were all finished eating they got to play a couple of games, which included "Miss Manors Says", which is just Simon says but with things likes say Yes ma'am, curtsey, pretend to drink tea with your pinkie up, and walk straight and tall. We also played a game where they had to stand on a chair and drop a piece of silverware into a teapot(although we used a coffee pot, cause the teapots I had were too small) It was kind of funny actually, Sissy went first and she got 3 out of 6 in, but after that only 2 of the girls got only 1 in. We had to have a tie breaker between Kathryn and Sybil, and although we didn't really settle it, Kathryn's mom said to give it to Sybil because Kathryn would not know the difference.

Here is some of the "Miss Manors Says"

Kathryn showing off her Mad skills!!

Next we sang Happy Birthday and had some Yummy cake that Aunt Charity made. She made the cutest Teapot cake, that was as yummy as it looked. After that Sissy opened her gifts and then they played a little more before we finished it up. The girls each got to leave with a goodie bag that had some more girlie stuff in it and looked like a tea bag.
Here is a picture of the Teapot cake that Aunt Charity made for Sissy.

All the girls enjoyed some delicious cake

Here is one of her new dress up outfits, what a cute Lady Bug!!

Here is her outfit she choose after her party.

I think that all the girls had lots of fun, I know Sissy did. I know we are looking forward to next year, hope it comes slowly though.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our 6 Year Anniversary

I can't believe we have been married for 6 years already, my how time flies. I am lucky enough to be married to an amazing Man and Father who takes great care of all of us, I am looking forward to many more years together. Steve and i were able to get away for the weekend(Thanks Charity and Eric) and go skiing up in McCall. We stayed in McCall for 2 nights and went Skiing on sat at Brundage Ski Resort, it was so much fun, for a couple of reasons....1st-we got to have a kid free weekend, 2nd-we went skiing during the day, we always going skiing at night on Bogus, so it was kind of different to be there when the sun was out, and 3rd-I got to try some news runs that were a little harder than I had been doing, it was a little scary at first but then I was proud of myself for doing them.
Here we are at the top of the Hill, the lift took about 13mins to get up, so it was a pretty long run.

Steve had to stop and wait for me a couple of time, because he likes to go a little faster than I do.

I finally caught up :)

Here we are before we went out to dinner on our Anniversary

Mister's first Hair Cut

It was time, even though I wanted to wait, because it meant he was getting bigger. He was such a good boy while we cut his hair, he just sat there and played with his comb.
Here is the before hair style

He was such a good boy, I thought the clippers might scare him, but he did good.

Of Course, Sissy was there to help me.

Here is the new hair style, what a cutie!!

I must say, I am pretty proud of my self that I did this by myself. I wish my Aunt Sue was here to do it, but I guess we are gonna have to start learning how to do it eventually right.

Sissy's 1st "official" Playdate

Today Sissy had her Friend Maryn over for her first Official Playdate....yes she has had our neighbors over to play lots, but this was the first time that one of her friends got to come over just to play. The girls had lots of fun and they were so cute to watch, especially when they were in the bathroom doing each others hair and putting on chapstick, they are both such girly girls.

First thing first, of course they had to get into their princess dresses

Next they had to take care of their Babies

Here they are playing in Sissy's room

Then it was time for Beauty Salon

I think they had lots of fun, we will have to do this more often, i am sure the girls won't mind.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mister's 1st Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Mister's first birthday party with some family and friends. We just had a small get together since he won't remember it anyway, but I felt like I had to do it because I had a big one for Sissy's 1st Birthday. He was a very good boy, suprisingly since he didn't nap very well before the party, of course. We had the joy of having Grandma and Mema up here to visit with us at the perfect time, kind of nice to have during these times when we are used to being surrounded by lots of famiyl and friends. We also had Charity, Eric and the kids, as well as Chris, and Theresa and the girls over, as well as Sissy's favorite guests our Neighbor April and the Kids-Alexa, Brock, Cora, and Dane. We played a couple of fun games like "Kiss the Frog", a version of pin the tail on the donkey, and we had a Piniata. I think Sissy and the other kids had a great time, and I know I had fun watching them play.

Here are the amazing Cupcakes and Prince Crown Cake that Aunt Charity made for the party, as well at the cute little cake that she made just for Mister.

Even Mister played "Kiss the Frog"

He did pretty good :)

Sissy really enjoyed playing too, I think I am gonna leave this game up for a while for her and her friends to play with.

Don't you love Andrew's Eyewear!!

Here he is with taking the first bite of cake

He started digging in

Him with his Prince crown cake, he was trying hard to get this one too

I think he was about done, he did enjoy it, though!!

Daddy helped Mister take a couple swings at his Pinita, he thought it was fun.

He even got to enjoy some of the candy from the Pinita. He liked that, and I am sure he really needed some more sugar after he ate his cake, right??

Mema gave him a crazy hair-do after his bath, he thought it was funny

Mommy and Mister posing for the camera with some of his balloons

Mister taking a ride on his new toy from Auntie Charity, Uncle Eric, Alyssa, and Andrew

Mister using his toy to practice walking

We all had olot of fun, but it would have been even better if we could have had all of our family here to help us celebrate, hopefully soon.