Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mister's 1st Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Mister's first birthday party with some family and friends. We just had a small get together since he won't remember it anyway, but I felt like I had to do it because I had a big one for Sissy's 1st Birthday. He was a very good boy, suprisingly since he didn't nap very well before the party, of course. We had the joy of having Grandma and Mema up here to visit with us at the perfect time, kind of nice to have during these times when we are used to being surrounded by lots of famiyl and friends. We also had Charity, Eric and the kids, as well as Chris, and Theresa and the girls over, as well as Sissy's favorite guests our Neighbor April and the Kids-Alexa, Brock, Cora, and Dane. We played a couple of fun games like "Kiss the Frog", a version of pin the tail on the donkey, and we had a Piniata. I think Sissy and the other kids had a great time, and I know I had fun watching them play.

Here are the amazing Cupcakes and Prince Crown Cake that Aunt Charity made for the party, as well at the cute little cake that she made just for Mister.

Even Mister played "Kiss the Frog"

He did pretty good :)

Sissy really enjoyed playing too, I think I am gonna leave this game up for a while for her and her friends to play with.

Don't you love Andrew's Eyewear!!

Here he is with taking the first bite of cake

He started digging in

Him with his Prince crown cake, he was trying hard to get this one too

I think he was about done, he did enjoy it, though!!

Daddy helped Mister take a couple swings at his Pinita, he thought it was fun.

He even got to enjoy some of the candy from the Pinita. He liked that, and I am sure he really needed some more sugar after he ate his cake, right??

Mema gave him a crazy hair-do after his bath, he thought it was funny

Mommy and Mister posing for the camera with some of his balloons

Mister taking a ride on his new toy from Auntie Charity, Uncle Eric, Alyssa, and Andrew

Mister using his toy to practice walking

We all had olot of fun, but it would have been even better if we could have had all of our family here to help us celebrate, hopefully soon.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines 2010

Here are our Valentines, aren't they cute!!

The kids like to look out the front window and see what is going on outside, they were waiting for Poppy to come back

We have a future Olympian on our hands...

Well maybe not, but she had a ton of fun skiing. Everytime I have gone skiing(a whole 3 times, so far) I have watched the little kids and wished I had Sissy up there so we could teach her, we she called Poppy and asked if he would teach her, and he said, "Of Course" Poppy and Grandma came up to visit, so we decided to take a trip up to Bogus and give Sissy a try at skiing, she did awesome and had so much fun. Here is a picture of the group, minus Eric...he wasn't gonna ski at first, so he was hanging out in the lodge.

Here is Sissy carry her skis, she looks so proud

She really liked wearing her skis, and was actually really comfortable on them right away, She kept telling us she could ski by herself.

Here is Sissy and Poppy

Poppy taking Sissy on her first run of the day

She liked going onthe Magic Carpet, and did really well all by herself, the magic carpet takes you about half way up the bunny hill

Here is Daddy and Sissy a little later in the Night

Pooh took her down the hill a couple of times. We used one of those backpack/leashes they have for kids and it worked perfect. It let her go by herself and it kept her just close enough to us.

Here is sissy's crazy cousin, he is a little dare Devil. I think Leah may take after him.

She was done with the magic carpet after a while and wanted to go onthe ski lift, she wasn't scared at all. It was a little scary the first time because she is too short to get on the lift by herself, so she almost fell getting on, but I grabbed her, just in time. She did awesome getting off too, she didn't fall once. Here is a picture on Mommy and Sissy on the lift for the final run of the night.

We had to take a little break towards the end of the night, she was getting a little tired, she almost fell asleep on the ski lift.

Here is her monkey Backpack

Skiing wore her out, she was out about 5 min after we left

The Latest with Mister

Since I did one for Sissy I figured I should do one for Mister. He has been a busy, growing little guy. Here he is at 10mths old, always smiling

Mister and Niko are waiting for Daddy and Sissy to come home

He likes to put things in his mouth and just leave them there while he crawls around, he thinks it is so funny

Here he is at 11mths old, he is getting so big

He has learned how to pull himself up on things. I walked in his room today and he was standing up, so I had to lower his mattress all the way down.

The Latest with Sissy

I have gotten way behind on my post, so I decided today that I would try and catch up. I figured that I would just do a page for each of the kids to see what they have been up to latetly
Here she is after playing in the snow

Here she is with Mommy and Mister waiting to watch the Broncos win the Fiesta Bowl, Go Broncos!!!

This is her, our Neighbor Alexa, and Hailey at Chuck E Cheese on some game/ride

This is her new favorite dress, it is her Belle Dress that Mema made her for Christmas, She loves it because it goes up when she spins. That is a new requirment for her Dresses, she only likes them if they go up when she spins, such a girly girl!

Don't you love the Angel's hat with the dress..

I know that there is alot more stuff, becasue she is such a busy body, but that is all I can remember for now. I am gonna try and keep up on it this time, maybe then I won't forget stuff.

The Birds of Prey Museum

We were all a little bored, so we decided to drive up to the Birds Of Prey Museum, about 5 miles from our house. Sissy really liked seeing the birds, and there had quite a few fun activities for her to do. Here she is dressed like a bird:

They also had a big telescope for her to get a close up look at some feathers.

There was a bird puppet for her to play with

They had some pics on the wall of the wingspans of some of the birds, Daddy and Sissy compared

This one is a little more Sissy's size

This is one of the animal furs they had to touch

and this is Sissy wearing one of the furs, I think it was a Bobcat