Sunday, November 22, 2009

#3 is here

The Mister's 3d tooth has finally arrived, I am actually posting this a little late, his tooth came in on Nov. 11Th. Pretty much the whole time we were in Cali he was fussy and running a fever, my mom kept saying as soon as we got home he would be OK and she was almost right. On our Long drive home I gave him my finger to chew on when he was fussing and to my surprise there was another tooth on the top. My mom was only half right though, although his tooth did finally come in, he was still sort of fussy and still coughing, so I took him to the Dr. a couple days after we got home. The Dr said that he has double ear infections (poor guy), and it looked like he may have had them for a little while, so that could be part of the reason for his unhappy self. Hopefully the meds. will help both the ears and the cough, but it seems like his 2ND top tooth is on its way in already so he is still gonna be my fussy man,(only at night, of course).

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our Trip to Cali

Well the kids and I recently took a trip a trip to Cali by ourselves, without Daddy :(. We had lots of fun seeing everyone and spending lots of time with Friends and Family, can't wait for everyone to come and visit us, up here in Boise. Here are some pics of some of the things we did, I forgot to take my camera everywhere, so some stuff was missed, sorry.

Sissy, tried to pack her bag by herself, it had only shoes.

We went to the Apple orchard with Katy and her kids

Sissy hanging out with the kids

Mister and Ella on the horse at the park

The kids at the park

Katy and Mister on the slide...he is wearing Ella's bow in his hair.

Sissy riding "Skippy" in Oak Glen, she was a little scared but did ok.

Sissy feeding the deer in Oak Glen

Poppy hanging out with Mister

Sissy and Mister hanging out in Oak Glen

Danielle, Layla and Mister hanging out

The girls jumping around on the trampoline

The girls making silly faces

Playing at the park with Layla

Our Little Mister is 8mths old

I know, I know, I am posting this like 2 weeks late, but I am trying to catch up on some posts, anyways....Mister is 8mths old already. i can't believe that he is 8 mths old already, it has gone sooo quick, and even faster with him, than with Sissy.

Hanging out with the pups

Halloween with the Kidlets

This year we celebrated halloween at our house, Charity and Eric and the kids and Theresa and Chris and the girls came over for dinner. After dinner we went out front and had a fire in our pit and hung out handing candy out to all the kids, it was lots of fun. Our neighbors hung out with us as well, and we took the kids trick-or-treating some too, it was tons of fun.

Sissy and the neighbors showing off thier costumes

Sissy showing off her fake nails and the glitter in her hair.

Sissy as Cinderella and Lady Gueneviere as Snow White

Our little Mister as the Incredible Hulk, doesn't he look mean!!

Sissy decorating her Pumpkin

When Sissy went to the pumpkin patch with her preschool she got to pick out her very own pumpkin, and since it was pretty small and I don't really like carving pumpkins, she painted her pumpkin.

Sissy's preschool Halloween performance

So Sissy had her first school performance, it was supper cute and we were very proud of her, even though she wasn't feeling the greatest and didn't really want to sing, hopefully by the time her Holiday performance comes she will be a little less shy.

All the sudden when it came time to decorate the cupcakes she was feeling better.

Don't you love the tongue sticking out, It helps her work!

Mister was trying to help her, he was so cute sitting in her chair, until he toppled over :(