Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mister's 1st Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Mister's first birthday party with some family and friends. We just had a small get together since he won't remember it anyway, but I felt like I had to do it because I had a big one for Sissy's 1st Birthday. He was a very good boy, suprisingly since he didn't nap very well before the party, of course. We had the joy of having Grandma and Mema up here to visit with us at the perfect time, kind of nice to have during these times when we are used to being surrounded by lots of famiyl and friends. We also had Charity, Eric and the kids, as well as Chris, and Theresa and the girls over, as well as Sissy's favorite guests our Neighbor April and the Kids-Alexa, Brock, Cora, and Dane. We played a couple of fun games like "Kiss the Frog", a version of pin the tail on the donkey, and we had a Piniata. I think Sissy and the other kids had a great time, and I know I had fun watching them play.

Here are the amazing Cupcakes and Prince Crown Cake that Aunt Charity made for the party, as well at the cute little cake that she made just for Mister.

Even Mister played "Kiss the Frog"

He did pretty good :)

Sissy really enjoyed playing too, I think I am gonna leave this game up for a while for her and her friends to play with.

Don't you love Andrew's Eyewear!!

Here he is with taking the first bite of cake

He started digging in

Him with his Prince crown cake, he was trying hard to get this one too

I think he was about done, he did enjoy it, though!!

Daddy helped Mister take a couple swings at his Pinita, he thought it was fun.

He even got to enjoy some of the candy from the Pinita. He liked that, and I am sure he really needed some more sugar after he ate his cake, right??

Mema gave him a crazy hair-do after his bath, he thought it was funny

Mommy and Mister posing for the camera with some of his balloons

Mister taking a ride on his new toy from Auntie Charity, Uncle Eric, Alyssa, and Andrew

Mister using his toy to practice walking

We all had olot of fun, but it would have been even better if we could have had all of our family here to help us celebrate, hopefully soon.

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  1. he is such a perfect little cherub! happy birthday, landon!!